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Thai massage is an ancient healing art of acupressure based on the science of unblocking invisible energy lines which pass through the human body. This method has been practised in Thailand for over 2500 years.


The therapist uses her fingers, palms, forearms and feet, massaging specific points on the body. This art is also based on the relaxation of muscles, joints, tendons, legs and gentle stretching to leave you feeling revitalised. The opening, releasing and clearing of energy channels achieves rapid and effective pain relief and revives the whole body.

Thai massage has a very positive effect on long-term health and keeps the body in good condition.

Regular treatment will make you feel much better and can even overcome some long-term health problems. Thai massages provide incredible healing results, promote circulation, develop flexibility and muscle tone. In many cases, such as overworked muscles, fatigue, stress and headaches, Thai massage plays a crucial role in repairing damaged tissue.


Thai massages are becoming popular all over the world due to their tremendous health benefits.

​Thai massage

  • releases toxins from joints, muscles, tissues

  • helps regeneration

  • relaxes sore muscles and joints

  • increases flexibility of the body

  • releases energy blockages

  • increases blood and lymph circulation

  • strengthens the nervous system

  • facilitates relaxation and regeneration

  • stirs and recovers the flow of energy

  • strengthens the immune system

  • improves elimination of waste

  • relieves stress

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