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In Thailand, foot massage is one of the most popular forms of traditional massage due to its health benfits and the pleasant sensations it gives.

Foot massage stimulates reflexive points which affect all organs, glands, tissues and muscles in the body. Specific points on the surface of the feet (reflexive points) are directly linked with specific organs in the body, so this stimulation has a positive effect on the whole body

This therapy includes massaging of natural oils into the feet, and stretching and relaxation of individual toes

Benefits of Thai foot massage:

  • Eliminates tension

  • Stimulates internal organs

  • Improves handling of stress

  • Has a positive effect on the psyche

  • Helps relaxation

  • Increases energy levels

  • Refreshes the body's equilibrium

  • Prevents headaches, migraines

  • Helps with asthma

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